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Apex Hospitals Private Limited (AHPL) is committed to preserving and protecting the environment as well as the health, safety and social welfare of its employees& patients. The Environmental, Health, Safety& Social (EHSS) policy will confirm AHPL’s commitment to ensure continual improvement and through the implementation of this policy, control, minimize or eliminate environmental & social risks and impacts across all existing and future hospitals. To achieve its commitment, AHPL shall:

  • Ensure that all activities undertaken by Company are in compliance with all applicable local and national E&S legal requirements and approved guidelines and good industry practices.
  • Manage healthcare operations in the safest manner, by recognizing and assessing hazards and applying effective controls with respect to Environment Conservation and Promotion of Sustainable Environment Practices, Occupational Health and Safety and Community Health and Safety practices.
  • Encourage effective use of natural resources and prevent pollution of the environment in all the hospitals. Future hospitals will also be planned, designed and operated in accordance with this commitment.
  • Establish methods to use energy more efficiently, reduce waste and ensure removal of all types of waste in line with the regulatory requirements and health & hygiene standards requirements.
  • Ensure to maintain health and hygiene in all the hospitals and provide basic facilities for the employees, contractors, patients, patient attendants and visitors at all the hospitals.
  • Ensure to lay out and comply with Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) established for the different activities undertaken at Apex Hospitals.
  • Recognize the importance of communication and training in the effective management of Health and Safety and put effective mechanisms into place;
  • Ensure implementation of safety codes and handling & reporting of adverse events that may occurred at the hospitals.
  • Conduct operations in an honest and fair manner with integrity and openness,treat all their employees, patients, patient attendants, visitors and contractors fairly and respect their dignity, well-being and diversity.
  • Will respect human rights, avoid engaging child and forced labour, discrimination among employees, follow disciplinary practices and the system of freedom of association.
  • Respect human right principles as well as local cultures, customs and values while dealing with the local community and ensuring community safety with respect to AHPL’s operations.
  • Provide appropriate information, training and resources to AHPL employees (including contractors) to ensure the continual improvement of the company’s Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) performance and reviewing the EHS performance to ensure that objectives of AHPL are met.
  • delineate respective roles and responsibilities in line with this Policy and ensure that all employees are aware of their roles and responsibilities to fulfill and sustain the Policy.
  • Ensure responsible and transparent reporting to the stakeholders on the company’s environmental and social performance as per their requirements;
  • Establish a monitoring and auditing protocol for the successful and continual implementation of the Policy.